Saturday, February 23, 2008

Too Busy!

Well...It's been almost a week since I've blogged. It's been a pretty good week. Busy! I wonder if life is really supposed to be this busy? I'm working on a Beth Moore study and it is great...The Psalms of Ascent. Some of the questions really make you think...and I am realizing that I don't really think well! Lots of my personal questions answers are ??. I think it is because life is too busy. Do I really even know what food is my favorite anymore? Interesting.

H is playing on 2 teams...Why? You ask? Because I'm not busy enough. No really...I have a good excuse! See that's what happens we fill our lives with so much--with good excuses that we end up passing not only our family in the night but also ourselves! I really don't even know how to change it. When I slow down I sleep--it's a crazy cycle.

I've been thinking a few years (like 4 or 5) all the kids will be grown in college or in life...will I even like myself then?

This post seems sad and's not just thinking!

On an upbeat note...I walked this morning with Mom, M, and Fee. It was a great way to start the day and then I got to hold sweet baby Bray! He is so sweet. I'm thankful to have a little one so close (yes mom...I said close!--20 minutes) Went to the gym on Thursday and hope to get over there tomorrow too. The time has come to get this weight off! I'm done with it, Thanks!

Well...I guess that's it.

Oh list making. I hade about 8 things on it today...nothing got done. So I added see Bray, walk, go to Pastor Sandy's party--now I feel like I've accomplished something! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday slumber...

Well I had a great/good weekend. We were off school on Friday! Which was awesome. I did very little and my sweet new nephew came and spent some time at my house. He is precious and snuggly and loves to be held! Harrison's baseball season is in full I'm putting lots of money in the gas tank. He played Friday night, practiced Saturday and today we had some time off. But tomorrow it starts again. No wonder Sunday's are a day of rest (aka sleeping so hard your eyes won't open when you really need to get up!)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day was somewhat uneventful. I am the junior class sponsor at my school so we had candy grams to deliver. These are sweet little Valentine treats that are a fund raiser for the Prom. 2 years ago when I had this task it was a late night mass of confusion. I think myself, another teacher and 6 students taped candy and tied balloons until approximately 11:00 at night. This year...with lots of planning...things were very organized, all candy was taped and balloons were sorted before the bell rang at the end of the day! I was worried that I had missed something. I couldn't sleep and got to school and walked around re-checking because things had gone so smooth. Well...We delievered probably over 1000 candybars and 676 balloons in approximately 20 minutes! It was a record. Very few problems arose and many students went home with a sugar high and a balloon in hand. It was a great Valentine's Day.

I'll post pictures of all the balloons when I figure out how!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 2...

Day 2 of blogging and I still don't know what to I guess I will write about my obsession with lists. For some reason I can spend the whole day creating a list to the point that nothing on the list gets done. For example, today I started my weekly "TO DO" list. I always write it in my trusty spiral notebook which keeps all my information for life! (really it's scary) The first thing I do is transfer everything that didn't get done on the old list to the new list. (complete curriculum maps have been on my list for at least 4 weeks--I think they are really due this week--maybe I should highlight it on the list) Once everything has been moved over...I think of the things that I have already completed...neatly add those to the list and mark them off (here is the warped part...I change pens so it looks like I completed it a time other than the making of the list...who am I fooling anyway?) Then I finish the list making by adding anything else I can think of eat a snack, call a friend, etc. Once the list is complete...the day is over! But the list is made! Crazy, huh!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Here I go...

I've never been a blogger but my sister is. She seems to have so much fun so I thought I would give it a try. OK...that was harder than I thought. I have no idea what to include on this crazy thing.