Friday, April 11, 2008

My monthyl post!

I am not good at this! Time gets away and this is NOT my top priority?!? But today I am going to attempt to begin an every other week post. We'll see how well I do.

We just got back home from my sisters in Florida for Spring Break. I was a great week. Busy...but so fun. I enjoy being at her house, and in her town. It is such a simpler life. Still busy, but it seems simpler.

We made the rounds in Florida and got to do everything we planned. Well, almost. The only thing we missed out on was the fair. The rain put a halt to those plans. But Disney was visited (for 12 hours!); we spent some time with our feet in the ocean; had some delicious seafood; walked around the cute little town; had an ice cream; and even went ice skating. It was a great week. I really enjoyed spending time with my son.

As he has gotten older he spends more time in his room, with his friends, or with an ipod in his ears. We had some great conversation and quality time. I can't believe that next year...he can help with the driving?!?! Ugh! It was great getting away with my little man...who isn't so little anymore! He is such a blessing in my life! In all the hustle and bustle I think sometimes I forget to remember that!

Today will be a day of getting readjusted to Georgia life! We might even fit in some time at the gym or a walk at the park. We'll see.

Maybe my next post will include pictures?!?! Stay tuned!