Monday, September 29, 2008


So much fun at the photo shoot we went back for a picnic! Enjoy the pics!

Family picture time!

My husband and kids are awesome! Around this time each year "family portrait time" rolls in. They put on their matching clothes...that are usually purchased a day or so eariler (this year about 15 hours early) and smile to make "mama happy!" This year we took close to the whole family for picture day (mom, sister, her 3 kids, sister-in-love, her 2 kids, me, my husband, and our 3 kids--Reid is still trying to figure out how the other men got out of this adventure!) We went to a park that I have never been to (that I remember) called Yellow River Park off of Juhan Rd about 7 minutes from my parents. We walked a trail that looked like everyother Gwinnett County Park and then we veered off the path and walked into what looked like the North Ga. mountains complete with the babbling river with waterfalls! For those of you who don't know...the mountains are my favorite, so to enjoy this so close to home was awesome! The pictures took about 2 hours and we got some great shots. Below are just a few!

A big night!

As posted earlier...Harrison is having a great time playing football at LCA. Not only is he having a good time...he is really playing well. And this past Friday he was rewarded for his effort. Each week the coaches picks 3 captains for the Friday night Varsity game. As you can assume, normally this honor goes to seniors. Well not this past Friday...the honor went to 2 seniors and a freshman--my Freshman! I was so proud of him.

My mom, sister, sister-in-love, and all there kids were part of the excitement! It was a great night.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting ready for baby Colin...

Aren't baby showers so much fun! I am NOT a game player at showers. I never really liked those silly games but I know some people do...if you are one of those people you would hate the baby showers I throw...mine are all about fun invitations, decorations, food, and fellowship. Jill and Philip will be welcoming sweet baby Colin in a few weeks and the shower was today- We had a great time showering Jill with gifts and fellowship!

Mom and I spend a Saturday making the invitations...each one was different (we got bored using the same sample)! - We wanted Mandy to help but we got together on a whim and left her out...sorry Mandy!

We didn't leave her out when it came to chopping the veggies and making the sandwiches! :) (I think that having her picture on this blog is a violation of the NO MANDY PICS ON BLOGS declaration!) - sorry sis-in-love!
Brayden and Samuel helped too...

it's time for a post!

Well...I've taken lots of pictures specifically for this blog and well...never had time to blog. School started and I feel like I've been on a run away train! Busy, busy, busy! You know it's crazy but I think soon it won't be busy and I don't think I will know what to do with myself!

Harrison is in 9th grade playing on the JV and Varsity football team. I'll be honest...I didn't think he'd get much Varsity playing time but to my surprise he's been playing a decent amount. A few Friday's ago he went in on a play and I was standing along the fence with several students older than Harrison. We were watching the game and talking and the other team started to run the ball and #70 came out of no where and laid this guy out! The boys I was standing with looked at me and said, "Whoa! Who is #70?" guessed it...Harrison is #70! I was so happy for him. Now, where I was standing I could see the coach. Harrison hopped up and the coach proceeded to hit him on the shoulder pad and yell in his face. I'll be honest...I was unsure of what was going on. It looked and sounded like a great hit to me. The game continued and I picked Harrison up at the school. I asked him about the hit--1st of all, I couldn't slap the smile off his face! I said...(this was after I called my husband, who was on the sideline and had confirmed that #70 did make a great tackle) so was coach mad or happy with your hit and what did he yell at you? Harrison, with an ear to ear grin said, "He was happy! He told me that that was what football was all about! (he yelled that several times!)" Each game an athlete gets the big block award--this is an award that would normally go to a senior, a starter--ell...that week it went to a freshman-my freshman!