Sunday, October 19, 2008


Suit $90.00
Corsage $24.00

Dinner out $40.00

Dance lessons from mom $0.00

First Homecoming Experience...priceless!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

growing up...

Yesterday marked another milestone in my son's life. Next weekend is we went suit shopping. 1st of all, there is something to be said for going to a casual church and living at a time in history where the culture is casual as well. I had no idea how expensive suits really were! I was shocked. But we found a great one that he to order flowers!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh...I forgot!

I did one more thing during fall break. I VOTED! Yep! I've already cast my vote for the November 4th Presidential Election (4th Tiff...not the 11th!) It was great. Not too long of a line and when I was already OFF of work! I thought it was awesome. The coolest part for me though was that they allowed Harrison to observe the voting process. I figure on the 4th, the lines and craziness of the polls would not allow for that opportunity, so it was neat to let him watch me vote! He even got a sticker!

Great news...we've got GAS!

For those of you with a sick sense of humor...fuel! Over the last week or so getting gas has been a real trick. My sister sat in line last Sunday for over 2 hours--I would never have done that...but she did. Yesterday the lines have been down and more gas stations have gas. Not all or not even most stations but more have gas on a regular basis so I think people are done freaking out...for this week at least. For the 1st time in over a week...I pulled right up to a pump and filled up! The price was still ridiculous ($3.93/gallon)

Fall Break...

I can't believe that Fall Break is over. We had a great time doing very little. Thursday was our big day out. We went to Burt's Farm up in Dawsonville. Harrison and I have gone there every year since he was a little guy. I wish I could put my hands on some of those pictures! We had a picnic at Amnicola Falls and walked 425 (Harrison says there were more than that!) steps to the midway point of the falls. Then...we had to walk back up! Seems like an easy task...I know but it was a much bigger challenge than mom and I thought. I think we both need to hit the gym. Finally, we headed over the Dahlonega--panned for gold, bought some chocolate. It was a great day! Have I mentioned that I love GA in the Fall?~

Turn your head sideways to enjoy this. My first video...sorry! :)