Monday, June 20, 2016


Have you ever considered the word adventure? During spring break a student (Caroline) and I went to Ponce City Market.  I had been wanting to go since before it opened! The design and idea intrigued me. A really old abandoned space being renovated for a new purpose but keeping LOTS of the old.  This design makes for tons of photo opportunities.  I took a shot of her shoe (a red high top converse/Chuck Taylor) on a sign that said something... "Always Brave" (I went to Inst to double check what it actually said).  At that very moment a hashtag was created because...why not! #adventuresoftheredshoe began! (There's more to that story and the gift I received of my very own red shoes! There is a video on Inst and it does involve a squeal - go check it out by searching the #)

Have you ever considered the word adventure? Adventure means: 1. an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks; 2. the encountering of risks ; 3. an exciting or remarkable experience.

I prefer #3 the definition in bold. :)

As I planned to set out on my 1st ever 'across the pond' almost 3 week long vacation I intentionally decided to call it my adventure. And every day was just adventure!  An exciting or remarkable experience!

Yes, I was in beautiful places that I had only seen in movies or magazines. Yes, I was literally walking the streets of London, Paris, name just a few. And yes, I saw Buckingham Palace and walked the aisle of Westminster Abbey - the same location of Princess Diana's funeral & Will and Kate's wedding. And yes, I may never have this same opportunity I had to make it an adventure.

As my trip was coming to a close and my nose had turned towards home (my sisters term) I started thinking about the normalcy of life! Which can feel mundane, boring, and repetitive.  What if I intentionally made each day an adventure (an exciting or remarkable experience!)  A trip to adventure, Dinner adventure, Dinner adventure, A day trip to the adventure, A day planning for next school adventure, A craft  adventure, Going to the grocery adventure (this one you might have to really stretch your imagination to create an adventure). But what if we looked for opportunities to experience new things, or old things in a new way, or old things the same way but with fresh eyes...intentionally looking for the exciting and remarkable...truly everyday could be an adventure!

Everyday is an adventure if you choose to see it and for it to be one. As I'm on the plane typing this post the Steven Curtis Chapman song, Great Adventure is playing in my mind. So...will you intentionally choose to "saddle up your've got a trail to blaze...through the wild blue yonder of God's amazing grace..Let's follow our leader into the Glorious unknown...This is the life like no other (whoa whoa)...This is The Great Adventure...(Yeah)...Come on, get ready for the ride of your life." (Doesn't that just sound fun!?)

Here's to a summer full of intentional adventures...big and small! (With or without red shoes [I need a red converse emoji])

Let's go adventuring!

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Grammy said...

Totally loved every word of this!!
This is a Great Adventure!